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Classes for Everyone


Young children can express their ideas and feelings through improvisation, rhythm, group songs, and dances using fun costumes & props while gaining confidence and body awareness. Ages 2 ½ - 4


Ballet provides a solid foundation for other forms of dance and forms the basis for discipline, creativity, and appreciation of dance as an art form. Barre and center work build strength and flexibility.

Students are invited to take Pointe when their strength and technical achievement reaches a certain level.


En pointe (pointe) means “on the tip” and is a part of classical ballet technique practiced using specially reinforced shoes called pointe shoes or toe shoes.


Classes teach basic jazz dance technique, terminology and movement quality with an emphasis on proper execution of jazz isolations, rhythms and style performed to contemporary music.


Introduces children to basic ballet, tap steps, or jazz steps and vocabulary using fun costumes & props. Ages 4 - 6


Features the hottest steps and choreography seen in music videos and concerts. Students will explore both new school and old school foundation movement.


This style of dance combines classical dance technique with precision acrobatic elements. It is defined by its athletic character and its unique choreography.


Is an intricate form of dance with the feet as well as the body.  Tap enhances rhythmic dynamics, speed and agility with a focus on total body movement, technique, and performance quality.


Incorporates creativity & self-expression with a focus on strength in movement and spatial awareness & imagery.

Denise Gucwa’s School of Dance in Lederach, Pennsylvania offers classes in a variety of dance styles for both new and experienced dancers. Our comprehensive curriculum runs year-round with programs for recreational, serious and competitive dancers. 

All dancers are invited to perform in the annual spring recital. See the performance page for additional performing opportunities.

Not only is dance a great physical workout and creative outlet, it builds poise and self-confidence. DGSD dancers have fun learning the art of dance in our encouraging atmosphere and build strong friendships along the way.

To ensure quality instruction and safety, class sizes are limited.

New to the studio, please contact us for a Free trial class.

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